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Your pharmacist would like you to consider THIS before taking medication.

On a daily basis we receive questions from people about purchasing medication without

a prescription. And though it is our intention to help you with your pharmaceutical

needs, we would like to communicate that we must consider the pros and cons

according to our standards of Pharmaceutical Care. Medication is categorized based on

the research of that medication, the safety profile, the experience with the product and

the law.

We advise you to only take prescription medications when it is prescribed to you by a

licensed healthcare provider. Never take someone else's prescription medication and never give your medication to others.

OTC medication can be bought without a prescription in the pharmacy where the

product advice you need is available. When purchasing OTC medications, we will help

you pick the product for you and provide instructions to guide proper use. When you do

not want our advice, read the labels carefully as it is to ensure that it is appropriate for

your age, medical conditions, and any other medications you may be taking.

We would like to know of any allergies, pregnancies, or intolerances you may have to

certain medications before taking any new medication. We will ask you about all the

medications you are taking, including prescription drugs, OTC medications, and

supplements, to avoid any adverse reactions. It would be very helpful if you

communicated all this information to us.

Be sure to follow the provided prescribed dosage and instructions and never exceed the

recommended dose unless directed by your doctor and checked by your pharmacist.

The pharmacy team checks all dosages and will consult the doctor when it does not

align with the medical standards. Every day the pharmacist checks all prescriptions to

make sure the standards are met for the patient.

Store your medications properly, keep them out of reach of children and away from

extreme heat, light, or humidity or as indicated on the label. Do not keep or use

medications past their expiration date but dispose of any expired or unused medications

properly, according to local guidelines.

We consider everyone’s medical condition as unique.

If you have any doubts or concerns about your medication, you can always talk to us!

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